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API Creates Common Language in Global Arena. Oil&Gas EURASIA Magazine, 11’2014
Specialists of HMS Group note an increasing number of requests for API-compliant equipment from the customers including the Russian ones within the past 10 years. Consequently some part of equipment is manufactured in accordance with national standards while the product line of API 610-compliant pumps is extended in parallel. It particularly refers to heavy-duty process pumps used in the oil industry, where their application is economically justified since price of such equipment is significantly higher than price of conventional pumps.
HMS Group Pumping Systems for oil transportation pipelines. Petroleum Magazine, 11’2014
"… arrange special pipes from oil wells to factory and further to the sea shore to supply oil both to factory and sea vessels” – this thought by Dmitri Mendeleev, published back in 1863, can be apparently considered as an inception point of creating the pipeline transportation system for oil and petroleum products in Russia.
New multi-phase flow metering technology available for industrial measuring units in the oil and gas industry. Oil Industry Magazine, 05’2014
The article refers to a new separation-free measurement system of the oil wells production, implemented by Schneider Electric / Invensys in a cooperation with HMS Group.
HSM Group participated in 16-th International conference on “Transport And Sedimentation Of Solid Particles”, Rostock, Germany
A report covering the slurry pumps optimal selection issues in terms of efficiency increase and operational life extension for various industrial applications was presented at the conference.
Increasing pump performance
Igor Tverdohleb and Elena Knyazeva give an interview for Pump Engineer at the International Rotating Equipment Conference, Dusseldorf, September 27-28
"Reducing Costs with HMS Pumps", Arab Water World (AWW), August 2012
"Pump Prime", Oil & Gas Middle East, August 2012
Peter Ward finds that the Middle East’s upstream pumps sector is renewing its focus on efficiency
Caspian boom: Inside the $50bn Shah Deniz project
Caspian gas market perspectives
«Pumping iron», Utilities Middle East and Construction Week Online
Middle East’s pumps and valves market performance and perspectives
"Oil pipeline from Siberia to the sea", World Pumps, May, 2012
About energy efficient NM oil-trunk pumps developed by the HMS Group specially for ESPO oil pipeline.
“Russian Group Targets Export Markets with New Generation Pumps” OOSKAnews Water Weekly, March 7, 2012
Ciris, the new generation of submersible pumps from HMS Group. Comments of Igor Tverdohleb, Head of R&D, HMS Group.
Reliability & durability with HMS Pumps. Arab Water World magazine (AWW), January 2012
About HMS Group’s customized pumps for drainage & sanitation for subways of Moscow & St Petersburg.
New Generation of Pumps. Petroleum Journal, No. 6, December 2011
The article describes state-of-the-art design solutions and advantages of HMS Group new horizontal booster pumps NGPN-M 3600-120. The first consignment of the pumps was shipped in July 2011 for AK Transneft, Russian oil-trunk pipelines operator, namely for their Ust-Luga oil delivery terminal, which is the terminal point of the second Baltic pipeline system (BTS-II).
Adopted into the HMS Group Family. The Bobruisk plant will find second life thanks to Russian investors. "Rossiyskaya gazeta". 15 December 2011
About HMS Group investing into Bobruisk Machine Building Plant modernization, located in Republic of Belarus, a part of HMS Group from 2011.
"HMS Group Increases R&D Capacities With New Testing Facility." OOSKAnews Water Weekly, December 6, 2011
About launching a new HMS Group's testing facility to test pumping equipment up to 14 MW. Comments of Yuriy Skrynnik, Strategy Marketing Director, HMS Group.
YURIY SKRYNNIK: «Technology of the success ». Journal “Energopolis”, No. 7-8, 2011

Yuriy Skrynnik, Strategy Marketing Director of HMS Group Management Ltd., reports about pump market for thermal and nuclear power plants, as well as about HMS Group’s participation in current and future projects of thermal and nuclear energy.

“HMS Group presented new developments and solutions during the exhibition and congress MIOGE 2011”. Journal “Oil Industry”, No. 7, 2011.

About the results of HMS Group’s participation in the Moscow international oil and gas exhibition and congress MIOGE 2011.

VLADIMIR SOUKUP: "Irrigation will be uninterrupted. The powerful pump station was put into operation at the Yylgynagyz water channel in Turkmenistan". VODA.Magazine Journal, No. 7, 2011

Vladimir Soukup, project engineer, honorary constructor of Russia, describes the turn-key project of a water-lifting pump station at the Yylgynagyz water channel in Turkmenistan. Project highlights, applied design solutions, principle of pump station operation.

S. V. PAPKOV: «NM3600-230 pump with oil cooling system of mechanical seals cleaned in cyclone separator». Journal «Oil, Oil Product Pipeline Transportation: Science & Technologies», No. 2, 2011

S. V. Papkov, chief engineer of JSC Chernomortransneft (Novorossiysk, Russia), about reworked NM3600-230 pumps of JSC Nasosenergomash Sumy (HMS Group). To provide efficiency of the mechanical seal of NM3600-230 pump, increase its reliability and life there has been created a special system of oil cleaning in a cyclone separator to cool the mechanical seal.

ARTEM MOLCHANOV: «HMS Group has expanded the possibilities as the complex solutions' supplier for oil and gas industry. MIOGE & RPGC 2011 Daily News, № 1

Interview of Artem Molchanov, President of HMS Group for MIOGE & RPGC 2011 Daily News (Daily News of Moscow International Oil and Gas Exhibition & Russian Petroleum and Gas Congress), №1, 2011.

YURIY SKRYNNIK: «Keeping pace with the times». OGU 2011 Daily News

Interview of Yuriy Skrynnik, Strategy Marketing Director of HMS Group Management Ltd. for OGU 2011 Daily News (Daily News of Oil and Gas Uzbekistan Exhibition and Conference), 18 May 2011

"The turn-key construction of a water-lifting pump station at the Yylgynagyz water channel was finished in Turkmenistan". Megapaskal Journal, No.1, 2011
About the HMS Group project of the turn-key construction of a water-lifting pump station at the Yylgynagyz water channel in Turkmenistan.
VLADIMIR SOUKUP: «The variant without alternative: for the improvement of water supply of Caucasian Mineral Water region’s cities it is necessary to reconstruct Malkinskiy group water supply system". VODA.Magazine Journal, No. 4, 2011
Vladimir Soukup, project engineer of Malkinsliy group water supply system, honorary constructor of Russia, describes the project of the reconstruction of Malkinskiy group water supply system, worked out by Institute Rostovskiy Vodokanalproject (HMS Group).
GENRIKH ABRAMOV: "We can't speak about degree of associated petroleum gas recovery without its accurate accounting". Agency of oil and gas information "Samotlor-express"

Interview of G. S. Abramov, Executive Director of Sibnefteaftomatika, for the agency of oil and gas information "Samotlor-express"

"Pump Equipment for oil and gas industry: new developments and solutions". Megapaskal Journal, No.4, 2010.
About HMS Group technical seminar at the international oil and gas exhibition Neftegaz-2010 in Moscow.
KIRILL MOLCHANOV: "Equipped for success." Next Generation Oil & Gas MENA Journal (Q3, 2010)

Interview of Kirill Molchanov, the First Deputy General Manager of the HMS Group Management Company.

ARTEM MOLCHANOV : "Energy-saving equipment for oil industry". RGC Daily (№1, 2010)
Interview of Artem Molchanov, President of HMS Group for RPGC Daily (Russian Petroleum and Gas Congress Daily), №1, 2010
HMS wins US$36 million oil and gas contract ("World Pumps" magazine).
HMS Group has secured several tender contracts amounting to US $36 million with the Russian state-owned Rosneft oil company to deliver pumping equipment for the development of a large East Siberian oil-and-gas field.
"Uzbekistan project for HMS". ("World Pumps" magazine)
Hydromashservice company, a member of Russia-based Hydraulic Machines and Systems (HMS Group), has signed a contract with the Uzbekistan state company Suvsoz to reconstruct a water supply station near the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

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