Reliability & durability with HMS Pumps. Arab Water World magazine (AWW), January 2012

CMF pump from HMS GroupCMF pump from HMS Group

HMS Group, Russian based pump manufacturer and provider of flow control solutions and related services to water & utilities, oil & gas, power and general industry with powerful R & D capacities has developed customized CMF50 and CMF160-80 pumps for drainage and sanitation for subways of Moscow and St Petersburg. Besides, CMF 50-25, CMF 160-80 submersible centrifugal close coupled sanitary pumps are intended for domestic and industrial wastewater pumping. Customers highly appraise their reliability and durability under extreme operating conditions, convenient pricing compared to other manufacturers, ease of installation and operation, maintainability (complete disassembly takes no more than one hour) using a minimum number of generic tools.

The pump design allows pumping liquids with a high content of mechanical impurities (the maximum size of abrasive particles up to 8 mm). The shaft seal consists of two mechanical reliability & durability with HMS Pumps seals, combined in a common casing to rapidly and efficiently replace seals in the case of leakage. Electric driven pumps are equipped with integrated protection including dry running, overheating and moisture protection. Radial blades on the hub of impeller reduce the axial and protect mechanical seals from solid impurities. Other equipment for sewage treatment from HMS Group is standard Gnome pumps – bestseller in Russia and CIS countries. They are energy-efficient, very affordable, reliable, humble and miracle workers in extremely tough conditions with shortages of electricity, unstable voltage, easy to operate, repair, recycle. Gnome are intended for pumping heavy duty conditions water with sever mechanical impurities from basements, ditches, trenches, etc.; industrial application, subways and agriculture for irrigation and drainage.

The Company is serving oil & gas, power generation, pipelines, water supply & utilities, chemical processing and industry. Strategic core businesses for us are EPC projects and integrated oilfield facilities development.

Arab Water World magazine (AWW),
January 2012